Wednesday, March 18, 2009

5 Fundamentals of Foosball - Setup

In this entry I touch on fundamental #2 (Setup) which really means setting up the ball in order to work a series of options from the same starting point.

In this video i start to describe the concept of on-timing and off-timing shots/passes

Here i go into other types of ways to pass / shoot where i breifly touch on live-reads and pre-reads


Denis said...

Good Stuff Eric...It would really be exciting if you could actually rope Loffredo, Spreedeman, Collignon, etc ... into a similar situation where they divulge their take on the same exact fundamentals you gave. So, people can actually compare at different levels of the game, and different perceptions by different players on how things work.

mveit_2 said...

Really good stuff Eric. This is the kind of tactical, practical information that the better players I play with do not do a very good job of explaining. I end up spending many hours/days/weeks of playing time to self discover things like 1 or 2 specific "live read" things to look for. Nice meeting you at the HOF.

Fred Gower recently told me that some good players are good models, and some good players are good teachers. Apparently, I missed an opportunity to learn from one of the good "teachers" while I was at the HOF. I need more "teachers" to increase my learning pace in foosball. I will be viewing all of your posts here!

Eric Dunn said...

dang, i never saw these comments till now. i'm still learning how the blogger site works, i'd thought i'd get an email notification or something. oh well.