Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Still got game somehow

So, yea i'm still on a break - but i was invited to play in the Northwest Open Fireball tournmanet last month, and without a lick of practice, i still did pretty good (well ok, did good in doubles), taking 2nd with Brad Laurine (possibly spelling last name wrong) in Open Doubles. The tournament was on the new Fireball table, and it's really nice. now my 2nd favourite table behind Tornado.

Singles was weird - my first match i play my normal calm style - and i think he wins the first game, and i win the next 2 maybe, and he wins the 4th and gets a bunch of breaks in the 5th to take it. my 2nd match in the losers bracket was on the worst table in the house, which whenever i tried to do a wall pass, the ball would literaly bounce up and hit my opponents rod or bounce over my 3 bar. yes on a 5 bar pass. This table was finally removed from tournament play right after my match, after i whined like a little bitch about it after losing. But i always think its nice to make some players weekend, when they can say they beat a pro master. yep i'm a silver lining type of guy.

So i'm still taking the same 'look mom - no practice' approach to going to Worlds. My game seems to still be there, we'll see how it stands up under pressure - but as long as i can keep the pressure off of me, i should be ok. I've been playing this game long enough, that I don't appear to need practice anymore to keep my current skill level - which is new for me, as i've always wondered with amazement at players like Louis Cartright - who says he hasn't practiced in years, but still maintains a top 5 player game where i've traditionally been pretty regimented in my practice routines before major tournaments.

I couldn't of even practiced if i wanted to. This last month has been so busy with work, that i've hardly been home at all. But i got a chance to see Mexico, Dallas, and Toronto all this month, and i'm almost at Elite status with Air Canada - yippee!

At worlds i'm playing open dubs with Joe Hamilton who has a doubles world championship belt already at an ITSF World Championships - he's a pretty good goalie, with lots of nice passes - we'll see if i can catch them, and we'll see where his game is, as he's just had a baby recently - i just need someone that can block.

One major highlight of this trip to Worlds is that i'm going to be able to go to my first Dallas Cowboys game in their new standium. It's just a pre season game, but still. Should be awesome.

A lowlight is going to be some mixed emotions about whether i want to come home early or not. It's my daughters first day of kindergarden on Tuesday, and if i'm doing well in the tournament i won't get back home till Tuesday night. But if i suck, and i'm out of all events by Monday, then i can fly home Monday night, and be back home for my daughters first big day.

So if you don't see me in the tournament room on Monday, you'll know why!!