Friday, May 21, 2010

Taking a break

I've recently find myelf on a unplanned break from foosball, and am actually quite enjoying it.
I'm enjoying the added time spent with my kids - my 7 year old son is in football - with practices and games every week, and we have a blast in the backyard doing various things. My daughter is a treat - she's 4, and my work has been pretty busy of late.

My last tournament was in Vegas a few months ago, didnt't have anything special to write about other than the stellar play of my opponents B-).

I've been too busy to play foosball, and now i'm not going out of my way to find time to play - so we'll see how long this break lasts - its been a couple months so far. World's is the next tournament i'm likey to go to (in September - in Dallas i think).

I ponder if this is the start of my retirement - like most things with me, once i stop doing them i stop being addicted to them - and i kinda do a full stop on it. All it would take is some new partner that would ask me to play, and i'll likely pick it back up again (practicing, and playing once or twice a week).

I would still like to have a Major title (or at least some hardware from an open event) before i officially retire, but i'm not entirely sure thats realistic anymore - given the little i do play anymore - and my current semi-lack of interest - that combined with the platuea i've seemed to reach with my finishes /skill of late - i'm still pretty good, just not able to crack the top 10 at majors consistently.

Warrior events have me rated as a pro, and I could do well at that level, but that's not my goal anymore - its nice to win, and pay for trips, but nothing i would practice extra hard for or anything.

I don't look upon my table in the basement with disdain, so i don't think i'm officially done - but i've lost interest in running TSAC (Table Soccer Association of Canada), and even if i do retire i can't see myself getting more involved in that - but TSAC sure could use a more passionate leader at this point.

so there's some real ramblings for ya.