Wednesday, May 6, 2009

random stuff

Here's one of my favourite foosball articles of all time:  ESPN
Todd shows once again, why he's the master.

Article also involves Chris Harrington, whom i played in the finals of Pro Singles, at the US Open in Atlanta a few weeks ago.
About the match, i've received permission from InsideFoos to be able to re-post a few of my matches they recorded to this video blog, but i'll be adding one additional feature. I'll be commentating over top the video, so I think it'll be one of the first times that the players that are actually playing in the match are able to comment on what they thought was going on in the match.

As far as i understand i'll be able to do this for at least 2 matches, and maybe 3.
  1. Pro Singles Final - Me vs Chris Harrington
  2. Open Doubles for 4th or better - Jeep and Me vs Billy Pappas and Terry Rue
  3. (maybe) Open Doubles - Jeep and Me vs BILL HAYDON & DELANO CASEY
should be fun, hopefully i'l get the vids soon while the matches are semi-fresh in my mind.

Another thing to mention, is that the FoosballMasterTour is going to be on US National TV on Versus Networks

It's airing June 3rd, 5th, 10th, and 11th at 5:30pm EST. Nice time-slot! Check here for latest airtimes. Can't wait to see it! Judging by the promo real on the site, Darren Carter and I should be getting some good air time. Can't wait to see Darren's 'Big D' face on tv, the man is so intense! I swear he's scares the ball away from the goal sometimes.

Hopefully i don't come across as a pompass ass - i have a feeling i might look like a bit of a elite-ish jerk in some of the interviews.  Not sure - but we'll see.